After the craziness of Christmas, the notoriously cold penny-pinching months of January and February can feel a little lacklustre. But fear not, as 2019 is predicted to be full of colour, exuberance, embellishment, mermaid tiling and constellations… and I for one, can’t wait! Having moved into a new flat at the end of 2018, it’s…Continue Reading “Top Interior Trends To Watch Out For In 2019”

It’s been a mixed year for the property market in 2018. With political uncertainty and Brexit dominating the headlines over recent months, it has been difficult to hear many positives about what is happening in the property market. To find out what 2019 has in store for the housing market, we asked the opinion of…Continue Reading “Industry Opinion – Predictions For The Housing Market In 2019”

If you are in the market to sell your property, it’s hard to escape the high budget national advertising for the country’s leading ‘online only estate agents’ – but the question remains, does it really make good financial sense? As a leading High Street estate agent in Surrey, we valued more than £3.5bn worth of…Continue Reading “Why Online Estate Agents Save Money, But Could Cost You A Fortune”

The words Hampton Court Palace conjure up images of grandeur and extravagance, of royalty gone by and where history now oozes from every inch of the impressive buildings that make up the Palace grounds – today, the surrounding area is a mecca for young professional couples and families alike, thanks to a diverse mix of property…Continue Reading “Your complete guide to living in Hampton Court”

We find ourselves in uncertain times as the country goes through it’s biggest constitutional change since WWII. We can all agree that we’ve been bombarded by bad news stories driven by Brexit and tabloid headlines of crashing house prices. Away from the sensationalist headlines in the media, the experience on the front lines of property market…Continue Reading “Property Market Update – Autumn 2018”

It’s only recently that I have had the pleasure of calling myself a homeowner, until then I’d been perpetually renting – watching the vast majority of my earnings get sent to my landlord every month and living under the impression that getting myself on the first rung of the property ladder was almost completely out…Continue Reading “How To Fund Your First House Purchase”