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Property Management and Maintenance

Property Management and Maintenance

Property Management Department
63 High Street 
Walton on Thames
KT12 1DJ

Tel: 01932 221125



Please note that if we have been instructed to manage the property on behalf of your landlord during your tenancy that the following applies:


Under the terms of your tenancy you are obliged to report all problems as soon as practicable so that we may send in a contractor to take the necessary action.  If you are not able to be present at the property to allow access to a contractor, we do have a Management set of keys which could be released to the contractor, subject of course to your agreement.  

If you do experience any problems, you should immediately report them to the Property Management Department that can be reached by email or by calling Tel: 01932 221125.

Please do not contact a contractor directly, or attempt to carry out any repairs which require specialist knowledge yourself - you might make the problem worse.  All repair work has to be agreed and arranged by ourselves on behalf of the Landlord and carried out by an approved contractor.  If you have a Porter/Concierge/Caretaker, please seek their assistance, as they may be knowledgeable in regard to your problem.


In the event of an emergency outside office hours you should call Tel:  07983 612784 / 07931 298540 for assistance.   Please do your best to mitigate the emergency (i.e. turn off the water supply in the event of a water leak).  Please make sure that the problem is a real emergency before doing so, as emergency call outs attract higher charges.

If the contractor reports that the matter could have been dealt with safely during normal office hours you may be held responsible for the emergency call cost.  The Landlord will not recompense you for calling out a contractor without prior permission unless it is a genuine emergency and their responsibility.


We would draw your attention to your Tenancy Agreement which also states that you have a duty to use the premises in a 'tenant-like manner', in other words to take proper and reasonable care of the property and not to allow it to fall into disrepair or to wilfully or negligently cause damage.   Damage through negligence on the part of the tenant is not covered by wear and tear and the cost of repair, replacement or reinstatement of any damaged items will be recovered from you if due care is not taken.