11th June 2020

Will A Landlord Accept Me With My Pet?

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Rachel Sumner

Assistant Marketing Manager

At some point in our lives, all of us will most likely have owned a pet. Whether it’s a cat, dog, fish, guinea pig, rabbit (or three) or something more exotic, there’s no doubt we are a nation of pet lovers. In 2019 it was estimated that 12 million (40% of) UK households have pets, with the most popular being cats and dogs.

A staggering 9 million dogs and just under 8 million cats share their home with us humans in the UK!*

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, this number will have significantly increased. With people stuck at home due to the lockdown and with many isolated and craving company, pet insurance providers say they have seen a 78% increase in people registering new animals.^

We know having a pet brings so many positives with it, but what happens if you’re looking to rent a home with your four-legged friend?

In this article we explain the guidance surrounding renting with pets, list the most frequently asked questions and provide answers to help those who may be thinking of moving into a rented property with their pet in tow.

Pet owners and the Tenancy Agreement

Many landlords are open to tenants with pets, but historically this has been a bit of a grey area that has proved tricky for both tenants and landlords.

However, on the 4th January 2020, Housing Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, announced changes to the model Tenancy Agreement that would encourage more landlords to accept tenants with well-behaved pets. Robert Jenrick commented:


“Pets bring a huge amount of joy and comfort to people’s lives, helping their owner’s through difficult times and improving their mental and physical wellbeing. So it’s a shame that thousands of animal-loving tenants and their children can’t experience this because they rent their homes instead of owning property.”


This announcement is welcome news for pet-loving tenants, but understandably it hasn’t stopped us regularly receiving questions about pets when enquiries are made about renting a property.


Common questions we get asked by potential tenants about pets

Does renting with a pet impact on the length of the tenancy?

Renting with pets has no impact on tenancy length. This is more dictated by the suitability of the property for the pet and how conscientious the pet owners are for the duration of the lease.


Are there cost implications for renting with a pet?

Landlords can charge slightly more for allowing your pet to reside in the property with you, but legally this has to be stipulated clearly in all marketing material associated with the property so all parties are aware of the cost implications from the outset.


Does renting with a pet affect your contents insurance?

Home contents insurance often includes cover for accidental damages such as spillages and breakages, but typically excludes damage caused by pets so check with your provider before you move in that your pet is covered. Landlords may wish to consider taking out a Landlords Insurance Policy that will cover them for accidental damage caused to their property by your (the tenant’s) pet.


Does a landlord need to follow different regulations to accept pets into their rental property?

There are no official regulations as yet, but at Curchods Lettings we advise landlords to add clauses in the Tenancy Agreement to protect them against the pet potentially causing damage to the property and at the end of the tenancy we insist on full professional cleaning of the property, including all carpets and curtains.


Top tips for finding a property to rent when you have pets

Obviously the experience of looking for privately rented accommodation will be different depending on what type of animal you have – a Great Dane will be harder to house than a hamster so it’s important for all parties to take this into account!

However, there are a number of things you can do to make the house-hunting process as simple as possible and to show prospective landlords that you are a responsible pet owner.



1. Get organised

Preparation is key to any house move but especially when pets are involved, so give yourself plenty of time to find a pet-friendly property by beginning your search as early as possible, ideally at least 6-8 weeks before you need to move out of your current home.


2. Be flexible

Try to be as open as possible to different options when searching for your next rental property. The narrower your search criteria, the more difficulty you will face trying to find a home for you and your pet – flexibility on location and property type is key to helping you successfully and quickly find somewhere to live.


3. Write a pet CV

Yep, that’s right, CV’s aren’t just for humans! Landlords understandably will want to know about your pet before they accept your offer to move in so you can help by providing the lettings agent and your prospective landlord with as much information about your pet as you can.

In your pet’s CV include information such as the contact details of your veterinary practice, the last vaccinations and any flea/worming treatments they have had and contact details for someone who can care for your pet in an emergency.

Being open and upfront about your pet from the start will be welcomed by both the letting agent and landlord and should help create a smoother and speedier moving process for everyone involved.


4. Request a pet reference

Similar to a CV, getting a reference for your pet from your previous landlord or someone you have lived with will help show your prospective landlord that your pet is well behaved, has caused no issues at your previous property and that you are also a responsible pet owner – all things that any landlord will be looking for!


5. Make an introduction

This will be dependant on whether your landlord wishes to meet your pet in advance, but by meeting you and your pet it may put your landlord’s mind at ease. Perhaps invite your new landlord to your current home so they can meet your pet in person and see for themselves that it is well behaved.

This is a particularly good idea for dogs and by suggesting an introduction, it also shows your landlord that you are a conscientious tenant.


6. Ask for written consent

When moving home with a pet, always make sure you have written consent from the landlord that your pet is allowed and that it is part of your Tenancy Agreement.  You should review your Tenancy Agreement and make sure that any ‘no pets’ clauses have been removed. This will prevent problems from arising in the future.

By not being open and honest from the outset will only lead to problems in the future when your pet is either discovered by your landlord or is reported by a neighbour and could result in the termination of your tenancy.


7. Reduce stress on moving day

There’s no denying that moving day can be stressful, but it can be particularly so for pets as their life is based around routines and familiarity – seeing the home they know being changed can be very disorienting for them.

Ideally and if possible ask a friend or relative to look after your pet so they are out of the way. This will benefit both them and yourself as it will enable you to get on with your packing and unpacking, whilst they are none the wiser to what is going on and can come back to a new, settled home.

If you’re not able to get help looking after them on moving day, try to keep them out of the way as much as possible by placing them in one room with their toys, bedding, food and water. This familiarity will keep them calmer while everything else is changing.

When you’re almost packed, make sure their belongings are the last to be boxed so they can be the first to be unboxed at your new property. This will help them adjust and settle into their new home quicker.

Most importantly, don’t forget to give them lots of attention as this will help reassure them that everything is going to be OK.

For more tips on a successful moving day with pets, you can visit the PDSA charity website.



Although the process of renting a property may differ slightly from agent to agent, the costs involved largely remain the same. You can find an overview of the costs you need to be aware of before and during your tenancy, as well as a complete guide to the services we offer tenants to help them find their dream home on our website.


Want to know more?

Feel free to contact your local Curchods lettings branch or message us on social media.

If you are currently looking for a place to rent, the Government movement restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic may be prohibiting us from accompanying potential tenants on viewing appointments, but Curchods have launched our Virtual Viewing service.

When you enquire about a property we’ll send you a link to a private video tour and feedback your comments to the owner of the property. This approach has been successful in agreeing sales and tenancies during the lockdown, so if you are ready to move, so are we.

search properties to rent


*Estimated figures based on 2019 research from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA). ^Mirror article, 5th May 2020

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