Sell Your House At Auction

If you believe your property may be suitable for sale at auction and would like some specialist advice, we can help. We will only every make recommendations if we believe an Auction is in your best interests.

Property auctions are best suited to particularly unusual or run down properties as auction houses attract expert buyers or people looking for a project who will know enough about the market to understand the value of your property.

Demand from several cash buyers in the Auction room, can quickly help drive up the price you achieve for your home.

To find out more about selling your house at Auction, please fill in your details on the form below and we will be in touch.

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Get in Touch

“Curchods has been able to sell my house despite all the trouble and difficulties we had to face. I had a tenant in my house who needed to be evicted. The specific support and advice you have provided me with during the year was tremendous helpful. During the court process the support l got from you Owen & Daniel was always prompt and very empathetic towards my horrendous year l had to go through . I don’t think l would have survived this year without the support of your team and l am so thankful for all the professional advise which you have directed me to and the kind words of encouragement. Your entire team is not only a very heart warming and understanding towards any circumstances, but also brilliant in leasing and dealing with all parties involved in this case, the new buyer, my tenant, solicitors and other professionals who were involved in this last year. I wish you and your team all the best and I would always recommend Curchods again. I am settled in my home country Germany thanks to your great effort, persistence and determination. You have taught me a lot how to stay professional despite difficulties in life. With many thanks and good luck for your future”



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