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Market Comment January 2017

Market Comment January 2017

8th February 2017

Curchods have seen 2017 start on a positive note with exceptionally high levels of both buyers and sellers entering the marketplace in January.

The number of property valuations we’ve carried out for sellers thinking of coming to the market, has been high for this time of year and as a result January saw us secure our most new instructions of any month this financial year in the month of January. Our housing stock available for sale is now up 36% compared to 2016.

Better news still, we have achieved our best sales levels this financial year in January, which is also up 27% year on year from 2016! Landlords can also take comfort in the strength of the lettings market, which has seen high levels of tenant move-ins during the month of January 2017.

The Spring is traditionally a busy time of year for people looking to move home, but there is such unusually high buyer and seller activity so far this year, it feels like we are witnessing the start of ‘spring’ already.

If you are thinking of moving, now is a great time to take action - one must also not forget that mortgage interest rates are at historic all-time lows, meaning you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable your dream home is right now.

If you have been considering a move, our advice is to start preparing early. If you have a property to sell, finding a buyer for your home before you start your search will give you the best chance of securing your next home. Talk to us, we can help you accurately establish what your existing property is worth and provide professional guidance and advice on the whole process of selling or letting.